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we are a fair trade town
Let's educate, promote, advocate and collaborate together.
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what is fairt rade?
Think fair labour, fair wages and environmental sustainability for the products we buy.
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buy fair trade
Support the places and companies that sell Fair Trade Certified (FTC) products.
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Edmonton is a Fair Trade Town

Since September 26, 2013 Edmonton has held Fair Trade Town Status. Thanks to engaged and active Edmontonians, Edmonton became the second-largest city in Canada to show its commitment to, and support for, sustainable & ethical trade relationships by becoming a Fair Trade Town.

Curated Fairtrade Products

We have documented growing availability and consumption of Fairtrade products in Edmonton. 

Community Support

There is widespread community support for Fairtrade. This support comes from schools, churches, businesses, and Edmonton's City Councilors.

Our Mission

We are excited to keep the movement growing by continuing to raise awareness and consumer engagement.