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5 Fair Trade Blogs to Check Out

Written by: Laura Zhu, Fair Trade Edmonton Member

Looking to stay tuned into the Fair Trade news, and how you can support Fair Trade, or even just learn more about it?

Following Fair Trade blogs is a great way to start! These blogs have tips, articles, and other information that can help you gain insight on how you can make Fair Trade a part of your life and make a difference for Fair Trade producers and their communities.

Check out our list of 5 Fair Trade centred blogs to help you get started:

fairtrade canada blog
Fairtrade Canada Blog

1. Fairtrade Canada’s Official Blog

Highlight: Fairtrade Canada’s blog is full of articles about hard-hitting issues surrounding Fairtrade. Posts about everything from how Fairtrade producers are facing challenges in their production of goods and how Fairtrade has impacted their communities for the better. Fairtrade Canada’s blog is a great way to learn about how supporting Fairtrade directly impacts communities across the globe, and the rest of the website is also a great way to learn more about Fairtrade!

Fair Trade Winds Blog
Fair Trade Winds Blog

2. Fair Trade Winds Blog

Highlight: Along with their store for Fair Trade goods, Fair Trade Winds blog has plenty of posts demonstrating the positive effect Fair Trade has had on producer partners and how people can help support them through their conscious purchase decisions.

“We want to see a world where no one is exploited for the things we buy.” – Fair Trade Winds

Rosette Fair Trade Blog
Rosette Fair Trade Blog

3. Rosette Fair Trade Blog

Highlight: Rosette Fair Trade is a Canadian online store carrying only Fair Trade brands from around the world, and their blog is a great place to learn what kinds of Fair Trade products you can buy, what’s behind the Fair Trade products you buy, and where to buy Fair Trade brands. Their “What is fair trade?” section of their website also has information that can help you know what’s really Fair Trade when buying goods.

Uplift Fairtrade
Uplift Fairtrade

4. Uplift Fair Trade

Highlight: Although Australian based, Uplift Fair Trade’s blog has a diverse selection of Fair Trade stories and case studies, including shopping guides, news, project updates, and artisan stories. Their personal spotlight posts on Fair Trade producers are particularly noteworthy and it can be a fantastic way to learn how to support Fair Trade improves the economic and working conditions of producers around the world. 

The Good Trade
The Good Trade

5. The Good Trade

Highlight: A lifestyle blog, The Good Trade covers a variety of sustainable, eco-friendly, health, relationship, and ethical lifestyle topics. Their blog isn’t Fairtrade centred, but you can find a good amount of articles on where to buy Fairtrade for your everyday life, like shoes or bags. A good blog to follow if you’re interested in learning more about how you can integrate sustainable and ethical purchasing choices into your life as a whole.

Written by: Laura Zhu

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