5 Subscription Boxes that Carry Fair Trade

Written by: Amanda Fernandes, Fair Trade Edmonton Member

Do you have a gift for your mother this Mother’s Day? Want to switch up your shopping habits, while being sustainable at the same time? You’ve come to the right place!

Fair Trade Edmonton advocates for sustainable and ethical trade relationships through curated Fairtrade Products. For individuals who are not aware of the meaning of ‘fair trade products,’ the term refers to products that are made with fair labour, fair wages, and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Okay, but how does buying Fair Trade Products differ from my regular everyday purchases?” 

Good question! Usually, when customers see the Fairtrade logo on a product, they can be ensured that they are supporting a more equitable system of trade that ultimately benefits all global citizens.

Now that you have a general idea of how beneficial purchasing Fair Trade items are, we have constructed a mini-go-to curated list of creative, fun, and sustainable Fairtrade subscription boxes to make your online shopping experience exceptionally easier! If you are looking for a last-minute gift, a way to support Fair Trade, or even subtly support an initiative that advocates for equitable systems of trade, become a conscious consumer by reading our list!

GlobeIn Artisan Box

1. The GlobeIn Artisan Box Club

Features: Handmade, includes diverse products from around the world, supports artisans and farmers in fair wages and safe working conditions

Pricing: $38.00

Isn’t it awful not being able to travel during a pandemic and buy souvenirs for your home? Not to worry! The GlobeIn Artisan Box Club is a fair trade certified subscription box that contains items that are handmade by artisans and farmers who are paid fair wages for their products. Every product supports fair wages and safe working conditions for artisans all over the world including countries like India, Kenya, The box also contains personalized stories of artisans you are supporting within the artisan brochure!

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Thread & Flourish

2. Thread & Flourish

Features: Ethical and natural silk, supports fair wages for artisans, eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes

Pricing: As low as $44.95

Summer might just be around the corner, but you never know how chilly it can get in Edmonton, Alberta! Thread and Flourish provides artisan scarves that are 100% natural in silk, and are created ethically! Nearly all of their scarves are screen printed by hand! Not only does it come with a beautiful bandana scarf that you can wear around your neck, but it also can be used as a non-medical face-covering! Items within the box are ethically made by Thread & Flourish partners in India and ethnical printing partners in the UK, which guarantees fair wages, and eco-friendly fabrics with non-toxic dyes. Make the world a better place while making an ethical fashion statement.

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The Causebox

3. Causebox

Features: Advocates for women empowerment, promotes ethical and sustainable practices, supports gender equality

Price: As low as $49.95

Want to support an organization that advocates for women empowerment and sustainable practices through Fair Trade? Support Causebox and get your subscription box today! Celebrate the little joys with this box that allows you to customize your order! Causebox believes in putting the kind back in humankind by treating all humans humanely free from discrimination, making ethical and sustainable accessible by delivering goods to doorsteps all over the country, and pursuing partners who move them closer to gender equity. Causebox is also dedicated to the economic development and preservation of artisans worldwide through employment opportunities so that no handmade maker is forgotten in a fast-paced global supply chain.

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The Clean Beauty Box

4. The Clean Beauty Box

Feature: Supports self-care, offers cruelty-free products, no toxic ingredients, ethically sourced, organic,

Price: As low as $44.90

Need a posh makeover? Look no further than the Clean Beauty Box. The subscription box not only offers a healthy self-care ritual but also offers clean and cruelty-free products. Clean Beauty is also defined by products that are produced without toxic ingredients, and ethically sourced. The company supports ingredients that are organic, wild-harvested, eco-cert, bio-dynamic, and fair trade. In addition, the company also supports Black-Owned Clean Beauty Brands on their website

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The Ecocentric Mom Box

5. Ecocentric Mom

Feature: Supports to-be moms, advocates for mother and baby wellbeing during and after pregnancy, offers eco-friendly products, uses organic and natural products, box items are small batched

Price: $26.24/Box with a 12 Month Prepaid Subscription

Mother’s Day is coming up, and who says you can’t treat yourself? Are you a new mom, or to-be mom? Purchase a vegan, cruelty-free, recycled, subscription box from Ecocentric Mom! For mamas who like to be pampered during pregnancy and with a baby, the box contains eco-friendly, organic, natural, and small-batched products you are sure to love. The box items are also matched to mama’s stage in pregnancy or the baby’s monthly age up to 24 months old. Last but not least, a gift note along with goodies is included in your first box to celebrate you and your baby, perfect for recovering.

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Written by: Amanda Fernandes 

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