Fair Trade Edmonton Holiday Guide

Fair Trade Edmonton Council (FTEC) loves the holidays, whether you celebrate a particular holiday or you just want to share some joy with your loved ones. Our council came up with 10 fair trade items you can buy this holiday season for yourself or people in your life! 

Nepali Organic Green Tea,
Nepali Organic Green Tea, Village Goods

1.)  Nepali Organic Green Tea, 50 sachets

Cost: $10

Green Tea produced at the Kanchanjangha Tea Estate by New Skill and Development Learning Experience (New SADLE), a non-profit organization offering training and employment to over 200 people in need. 

Where can you find this item: Village Goods

What our FTEC member say: A really yummy green tea that’s great on cold days and created by a really cool organization!

2.)  “The Real Chai” 

Cost: $26

The Remedy Cafe sells bottles of their famous chai that can be used to make your favorite latte at home! They are called “The Real Chai” and cost $26 for a large jug. 

Where can you find this item: Remedy Cafe –  Only in stores – locations found here

What our FTEC Member says: As the weather keeps getting colder, there’s nothing I love more than a good hot drink. When I’m not making hot chocolate or apple cider at home, I always love to pick up a chai from Remedy. It’s a student staple and always packed with flavour. Although I love sitting in one of the big comfy chairs, I’ve recently been taking my chai due to the pandemic. These are well worth a trip out into the snow and are guaranteed to spice up your winter drinks!

Remedy Cafe
The Real Chai, The Remedy Cafe
Jacek Chocolate
Jacek Chocolate

3.)  Jacek Chocolate

Cost: $9 for chocolate bar, $13.50 for 6 piece box to $44 for 24 piece box

Luxurious artisanal Chocolates 

Where can you find this item: Has own store, Also sold at Credo Coffee, Plum Home + Design, Duchess Bake Shop, Meuwly’s and more

What our FTEC member says: First found this gem in Canmore, but the owner is actually from Edmonton and her store is based in Sherwood Park. She sources her chocolate from Valrhona (a FairTrade Certified company) and is dedicated to helping the community

4.) Knit Christmas stocking

Cost: $45

Beautiful handknit Christmas stockings, made with Nepalese wool. Perfect for making Christmas memories, and can be stuffed with other fair trade treats like tea, ornaments, chocolate, and jewellery!

Where can you find this item: Village Goods

What our FTEC member says: I’ve always loved the Nepalese wool products. They’re beautiful, warm, cozy, and support traditional artisanal crafts. Christmas will be looking a little different this year, but that doesn’t have to stop us from decorating, finding cheer, and making new traditions! Village Goods has lots of other wonderful Christmas decor options (including garlands, nativities, and ornaments), so let’s make it a Fair Trade Christmas this year!

handknit Christmas stockings, made with Nepalese wool
Handknit Christmas stockings (Various versions), Village Goods
Alaffia Everyday coconut hydrating lotion
Everyday coconut hydrating lotion, Alaffia

5.) Everyday Coconut Body Lotion 

Cost: $16.79 for 950 ml

EveryDay Coconut Hydrating Lotion by Alaffia is prepared with Certified Fair Trade virgin coconut oil that absorbs quickly providing light-weight yet deep hydration and protection for smooth and silky skin.

Where can you find this item: Alaffia, Spud.ca, Blush Lane Organic Market (Edmonton)

What our FTEC member says: This lotion not only smells great and hydrates, it consists of Certified Fair Trade virgin coconut oil as the company supports sustainability!

6.) Vegan socks in organic and Fairtrade Cotton

Cost: $20 

Not only are these socks made from Fairtrade cotton, but each design raises awareness for a different cause, such as saving the rainforests or standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ community

Where can you find this item: Etik & Co

What our FTEC member says: They’re super cute, fair trade, and support awesome causes! 

Note: Some designs are sold out on the Etik and Co website, but here is the link to the designer’s website with more causes to support https://consciousstep.com/collections/all

Vegan socks in organic and Fairtrade Cotton
Vegan socks in organic and Fairtrade Cotton, Etik & Co
Fair Trade Jewelry Co.
Fair Trade Jewelry Co

7.) Fairtrade jewelry 

Cost: $150 – $3000+

Jewelry produced with sustainability and equitability in mind. Jewelry can be meaningful, beautiful, and valuable, but the precious materials like gold or gemstones in your jewelry can often be unethically sourced resulting in a total cost greater than just the price tag. By buying rings, necklaces, and earrings made with Fairtrade gold and materials that were ethically obtained and you’re investing in more than a piece of jewelry.

Where can you find this item: Fair Trade Jewelry Co. (FTJCo.) 

What our FTEC member says: Jewelry is a common holiday and special occasion gift, but it’s heartfelt significance is diminished when it’s produced from environmental and social havoc. Ethically produced/sourced jewelry hasn’t always been readily available, so it’s great to know that there are jewelry options with positive impacts throughout the supply chain now.

8.) Cotopaxi Do Good Long Sleeve Crew

Cost: $79.95

Casual Cotton sweater with words “Do Good” written on chest. Comes in Mens and Ladies sizes. Recylced content, organically grown cotton, and certified FairTrade

Where can you find this item: MEC 

What our FTEC member says: This shirt in particular highlights what we are trying to encourage. Great little gift that’s comfy and introduces people to FairTrade certified clothing. Highly recommend searching through MEC’s FairTrade section online, they have casual wear, hiking clothing, jackets (even for kids) and soaps, etc.


Cotopaxi Do Good Long Sleeve Crew
Cotopaxi Do Good Long Sleeve Crew, MEC
The little market cookbooks
Cookbooks sold at The Little Market

9.)  A cookbook from The Little Market 

Cost: $30-$50

A variety of cookbooks with delicious recipes to expand your culinary horizons.

Where can you find this item: The Little Market

What our FTEC member says: Now that we are all spending more time in the comfort of our homes and kitchens, a cookbook is a perfect gift for anyone in your life interested in trying their hand at a new recipe or two! Every cookbook sold on “Little Market” is not only filled with wonderful dishes but will also benefit an important cause that you can feel good about supporting this holiday season.

10.) The Good Tee’s natural dye kit, complete with a toddler t-shirt

Cost: $38

A toddler t-shirt in any size you need. Included are the ingredients to dye around 3- 4 t-shirts.

Where can you find this item: Buy Good Feel Good 

What our FTEC member says: This is a unique fair trade gift to give to a parent of a toddler! They can have fun dying shirts for their little ones and know that it is sustainable and have minimal environmental impact!

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