Want to learn more about fair trade? Check out these 6 sites

Want to learn more about fair trade? Check out these 6 sites

By Hope Salim, Fair Trade Edmonton Member

This month we’ve curated online sources to help you learn more about Fairtrade, our mission and values, and news and events. You can also see how countries around the world are supporting the movement! All of these sources do an awesome job of explaining what fair trade is, why we need it, and how you can help.


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1. You can check out our website for up-to-date information on businesses supporting Fairtrade in Edmonton, new blog posts, and ways to get involved. Fairtrade Canada is a great place to look for Canadian news and events. Both of these fall under the umbrella of Fairtrade International. On the Fairtrade International website, you’ll be able to see the international efforts of companies and organizations that utilize the Fairtrade label. You can also find your local fair trade branch here.

*Note* there are many Designated Fair Trade Towns in Canada and some have their own Fair Trade website, which can easily be found online. 

The Canadian Fair Trade Network

2. Next is the Canadian Fair Trade Network. The Canadian Fair Trade Network works with grassroots organizers and the private sector to advocate for fair trade and to lobby for policy change. If you’re interested in Canadian policy surrounding fair trade, this is the site to check out!

3. Another neat site is Fair Trade Certified. This is also the label created by the American organization Fair Trade USA (not to be confused with Fairtrade America, which falls under the Fairtrade International label). Fair Trade USA has a similar mission to Fairtrade America and is an excellent resource to check out.

4. The Fair Trade Institute is a joint venture between the United States and Switzerland. Their main goal is to gather scientific evidence surrounding fair trade, and this is a great resource for anyone who needs to collect data or research for school/work projects or presentations!

5. The Fair World Project is an advocacy and policy-based organization. This is where you can learn about American policies surrounding fair trade and what is being done to advocate for greater transparency in marketing.  

6. Finally, the last source showcased in this month’s blog post is the World Fair Trade Organization. This amazing organization consists of all enterprises around the world that are FULLY fair trade. As in, the WFTO will only accept businesses whose entire business model is fair trade! You can take a look at what a business needs to do to be considered a Fair Trade Enterprise.

There are some incredible websites out there that haven’t been mentioned in this blog post – but we don’t want to overwhelm you with information! It’s pretty cool to see just how many people all over the world believe in fair trade!

Written by: Hope Salim

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